Most Common Types of Janitorial Rags

If you have spills and messes to clean, you need industrial rags readily available to protect your floor, furniture, and fixtures and to prevent slips and falls and other mishaps. There are many types of rags to choose from. These rags suit the needs of every type of business and need around. Common types of janitorial cleaning rags include:

·    Paper Rags: Paper rags can be used for many purposes by businesses of all sizes. They’re sold in rolls, flats, and pop-up styles. They also come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs.

janitorial cleaning rags

·    Surgical Rags: Surgical rags are used in shops most often. They’re made from a soft cotton-rayon blend and can pick up oil and grease.

·    Terry Cloth Rags: Another popular rag style, terry cloth rags are white or can be colored. They’re 100% cotton and many people say they feel like the softest of towels.  The rags are absorbent and come in many sizes.

·    Polo Shop Rags: Polo shop rags are made from a color cotton blend. They’re versatile, lightweight, and affordable and work great in a variety of settings.

·    Huck Shop Rags: This rag is commonly used by house cleaners and window cleaners. They work effortlessly on windows, removing dirt and all other particles. The rags are made from cotton linen and offer absorbency and lint-free style.

This is not a complete list of industrial style rags available, but it is among the most commonly used rags.

How Much Do Rags Cost?

The cost to purchase rags varies. There are many factors that impact this cost, including the rag style and the quantity. Call a professional to learn more about the types of rags above and make sure you are ready to clean up messes when they occur.